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Leslie's Dance & Tumbling (known as Leslie's Dance Emporium for 36 years) invites you to join our dance and tumbling family.  At LDE you and your child receive the personal attention you deserve. LDE students are given many opportunities to perform.  We offer many levels of participation, including fun recreational classes, as well as competitive dance and tumbling. Our studios feature cheerful dance rooms with suspended wood floors and full length mirrors. There are also family friendly waiting rooms. The main office in Creston is staffed with helpful, knowledgeable staff who is happy to answer your questions. Leslie's Dance and Tumbling strives to create a friendly atmosphere for our students. It is important for the student to become comfortable in order to develop the mind and body to act as one, to develop grace, poise, and confidence.


"Delilah LOVES Leslies! They do such a great job! I'm so glad we picked this studio." Kristen Schwarz, parent

"We just finished with our daughters first year of tumbling, ballet, & tap. [...] My mom danced for Leslie; I danced for Leslie, and now our daughter is dancing for to say we recommend it would be an understatement! We look forward to seeing our daughter experience dance in different forms while she discovers what she likes, doesn’t like, all while learning what it means to be a teammate & individual." MaKenzi Vonk, former student and parent

"It's a family friendly place with enthusiastic teachers. Students not only learn how to dance but also gain confidence in themselves." Nicky Burg, parent

"I "grew up" in the studio & for many reasons it now feels like sacred space. Dance allowed many of us to speak the words we could never say." Sara Coen, former student

Who can dance? Everyone. Leslie's Dance and Tumbling, founded in 1979, offers many exciting classes. Our students have many opportunities to excel in all forms of dance. We offer classes for everyone, girls and boys, starting at 2 1/2 years of age, and continuing through our adult program. We also have classes for all skill levels, beginner through pre-professional. We can design a program tailored to your child's needs, whether it is a class once a week for fun and exercise, or a special program for the more serious dancer. Leslie's Dance & Tumbling specializes in leading your dancer through the magical world of dance from their preschool years throughout their lifetime. It's so wonderful to watch our dancers grow into our teachers and welcome the children of our former students.

There is a mutual respect and admiration between dancers and students. You can take comfort knowing your child will have age appropriate costumes and choreography for their recital. The curriculum is set by Dance Masters of America certified teachers. 


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We focus on enjoyment through achievement. We build student self esteem through pride. We are moral and ethical in our students and the public. We encourage each student to develop strength, grace, rhythm, and confidence to increase their attention span and sharpen their memory. We use age appropriate choreography and costuming in our shows. We provide positive, safe, and age appropriate teaching in all subjects of dance and tumbling.

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