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Competition Dance Team

"Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Join Our Team

Welcome to our Competition Team page! Our team is a group of dedicated, hardworking dancers. Students 2nd grade and older may join the team unless teacher gives permission. Every student on the team needs to take a ballet or technique class, along with a clog class if you are on a clog team. Classes are arranged so that participation in these classes should be manageable. Students are welcome to take class in Mt. Ayr as well. The idea is for each student to gain more "floor time". Classes are required. If you had to miss - please make arrangements to make it up. If you know ahead of time, please video the class. Our dress code is to ensure all dancers are comfortable and focusing on dance, rather than their clothing. If you want to be a dancer, feel like a dancer, then dress like a dancer. Be proud of who you are and what you are doing! Respect the art.

Wear leotards, booty shorts, bra tops, leggings, capris, and tank tops. 

2020 Competitions


Starbound National Talent Competition

February 14-16 / The Ron Pearson Center, Des Moines, IA


Special shoutouts to High Score routines!

Junior Petite Intermediate Solo - First Place - Jordyn Myers, Acrobatic

Junior Intermediate Solo - Tenth Place - Aleyah Pilgreen

Junior Intermediate Solo - Ninth Place - Makynna DeLong

Junior Intermediate Solo - Seventh Place - Irais Trujillo

Junior Intermediate Solo - Sixth Place - Aubree Shields, Contemporary

Junior Intermediate Solo - Fourth Place - Aubree Shields, Clogging

Junior Intermediate Solo - Third Place - Savanna Dulay

Junior Intermediate Solo - Second Place - Kelbey Greenland

Junior Intermediate Group - Third Place - Mario Mix (Junior Clog)

Super Senior Competitive Solo - Third Place - Ryann Martin

Teen Competitive Solo - Fifth Place - Emma Pantini

Teen Competitive Solo - Third Place - Trinity Woody

"Creative Concept" Judges Award for "Mario Mix"

"Intensity" Judges Award for Makynna DeLong

New York Dance Experience Scholarship - Trinity Woody

Studio Spirit Award

Starz Dance Competition

March 6-8 / Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA

Special shoutouts to High Score routines! Only one solo per dancer was

allowed to place in the Top 5.

Mini New Starz Solos - First Place - Jordyn Myers, Acrobatic

Preteen New Starz Solos - Fourth Place - Aleyah Pilgreen

Preteen New Starz Solos - Frist Place - Aubree Shields, Clogging

Teen New Starz Solos - Third Place - Makynna DeLong, Clogging

Teen New Starz Solos - Second Place - Savanna Dulay, Contemporary

Teen Starz Solos - Fifth Place - Trinity Woody

Senior Rising Starz Solos - Fifth Place - Payton Burg

Mini New Starz Small Groups - Fourth Place - "High Top Shoes" (Petite Hip Hop)

Preteen New Starz Small Groups - Third Place - "Mario Mix" (Junior Clogging)

Preteen New Starz Small Groups - First Place - "Power" (Junior Hip Hop)

Senior Rising Starz Small Groups - Fourth Place - "All Roads Lead Home" (Senior Hip Hop)

Senior Rising Starz Small Groups - First Place - "Juice" (Senior Clogging)

Mini Improv Shootout Winner - Jordyn Myers

Judges Award for "Amazing Attack" - Payton Burg

Judges Award for "Rockette Award" - Trinity Woody

Standout Dancer Award - Payton Burg

Standout Dancer Award - Trinity Woody

The Movement Dance Competition

March 27-29 / The Ron Pearson Center, Des Moines, IA



Turn It Up Dance Challenge

February 28-March 1 / Perry Performing Arts Center, Perry, IA

Special shoutouts to High Score routines!

Mini Novice Solo - Sixth Place - Kerigan Willis
Mini Novice Solo - Second Place - Jordyn Myers, Lyrical
Mini Novice Solo - First Place - Jordyn Myers, Acrobatic
Junior Novice Solo - Seventh Place - Aubree Shields, Contemporary
Junior Novice Solo - Fifth Place - Aubree Shields, Clogging
Junior Novice Solo - Third Place - Kelbey Greenland
Junior Novice Solo - Second Place - Aleyah Pilgreen
Mini Novice Duet/Trio - Fifth Place - “Rainbow Ballerina” (Petite Lyrical)
Mini Novice Small Group - Fourth Place - “High Top Shoes” (Petite Hip Hop)
Junior Novice Small Group - Fifth Place - “Mario Mix” (Junior Clogging)
Teen Novice Solo - Eighth Place - Savanna Dulay
Teen Novice Solo - Seventh Place - Makynna DeLong
Teen Intermediate Solo - Third Place - Emma Pantini
Teen Intermediate Solo - First Place - Trinity Woody
Senior Intermediate Solo - Fourth Place - Payton Burg
Senior Intermediate Solo - First Place - Tori White
Adult Intermediate Sol0 - First Place - Ryann Martin
Senior Intermediate Group - Fifth Place - “Forest Fires” (Senior Contemporary)
Senior Intermediate Group - First Place - “Juice” (Senior Clogging)
Highest Scoring Routines Ages 11 and Under - Second Place - Jordyn Myers, Acrobatic
Ages 11 and Under Entertainment Award - Aubree Shields, Contemporary
Elite National Team Invite - “Juice” (Senior Clogging)
Elite National Team Invite - Payton Burg
“Intense Eyes and Electric Energy” Judges Award for Aleyah Pilgreen
“Peaceful and Graceful” Judges Award for Kelbey Greenland
“Happy Tappy Feet” Judges Award for “Juice” (Senior Clogging)
“Hey Turnout!” Judges Award for Trinity Woody
Class Act Studio Award