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Mini Dance

The perfect beginner class for your preschooler! They will enjoy the MAGIC of dance through kicks, twirls, jumps, and fun rhythm patterns. Your dancer will love the fun music and disco lights! Mini Dance is a combo class with introductory ballet training for grace and poise and tap training for rhythm and musicality. All classes will be taught with correct dance terminology.


The foundation of all dance training. French terminology is taught with positions and step work. The students are taught to remember what the muscles should feel like when working correctly. Classes include barre work, center floor adagio for grace and flexibility, and center floor allegro with a variety of small jumps to increase speed and strength. Classes will end with leaps and turns across the floor.


The fundamentals of tap with the traditional steps and tap dance stance.  Steps include: shuffle ball change, Irish, maxie ford, buffalo, cramp rolls, flap ball change, waltz, clog, trenches, spank steps, nerve taps, pickups and wings.  Correct terminology is used for the dance steps.  Learn a variety of combinations and speed to advance the students in sounds and rhythms.


Jazz is a rhythmic movement class, inspired by various kinds of music.  Jazz uses techniques from ballet, rhythms from tap and clogging, and flexibility from tumbling to create a strong jazz dancer.  Class includes warm-ups, turns, kicks, leaps and combinations.


Lyrical requires ballet technique with graceful movement to portray the lyrics and emotions in a song. Dancers in a lyrical class will master skills learned in ballet and jazz, while expanding upon their training in movement and performance quality. Classes will feature combinations and allow students the opportunity to improv. 


Contemporary is a dance style with no rules. Dancers will combine skills and technique from ballet, jazz, and lyrical to create abstract movement. Classes will feature combinations and allow students the opportunity to improv.


Pointe is advanced ballet where a dancer supports themselves on their toes. Dancers must have 3 years of ballet training before enrolling in Pointe. Dancers taking Pointe must also take a 60 minute ballet class weekly.


Clogging is folk, rhythm dance similar to tap.  The shoe consists of both a ball and heel tap, except they have an additional tap riveted to each ball and heel.  Clogging uses a "flatfoot" footwork along with high knees.  Correct terminology is used for the dance steps. The music often has a strong downbeat.

Hip Hop

Dancers in Hip Hop will enjoy the fun music and moves with less emphasis placed on ballet technique. Classes will feature Jazz-like elements, including isolations, level changes, and expressive performance qualities.


From front rolls to front flips, our students learn it all. Tumblers learn in our state-of-the-art gym; it includes a Tumble Trak, a rod floor, a Jr. Kip bar, a climbing rope, parallel rings, a mini beam, and several shaped mats. Classes feature warmups, stretches, cardio, drills, and strength work. We love seeing our student's progression with new skills week by week!