General Policies

Health Guidelines

Classroom Procedures

Class sizes are limited. Masks for students are optional. Teachers will wear masks if they cannot maintain a 6-foot distance from the student. 6' x 6' boxes are taped on the floor, with an X in the middle of each. Students will be asked to stay in their box. Students will have no shared props. Students will not work in partners or small groups to avoid holding hands, etc. Waiting rooms will only have a few chairs. Families are asked to wait in their car instead of the waiting room if possible. There will be no toys or coloring books for shared use in the waiting room. At the end of class, students will not receive animal crackers or stamps for good behavior. Instead, they will be receiving stickers! If a student doesn't feel well, or has a persistent cough, the parent will be called to get them. Birthday treats may be handed out if they are in single serve packages or baggies.

Studio Arrival Procedures

Wash your hands with soap and water or use the provided disinfectant. Put your coat down in your own space and wait patiently until class time. Arrive for class 3-5 minutes early. Have your dance bag with you when you enter the classroom. Your dance bag should include: Dance shoes​, labeled with your name Water bottle Tissues, bandaids, and a pony tail holder - in a baggie A book to read during the sanitizing process. Go to an X for spacing. Let teachers open and close the door. Please stay home if any of the following are present: The child has a fever, sore throat, or cough The child was exposed to anyone who tested positive for Covid-19, strep throat, influenza A or B If you needed to be tested for Covid-19 for any reason, please stay home until you get test results back.

Cleaning Procedures

There will be 10 minutes in between classes, unless the students can switch to a different classroom. During this 10 minutes, the area will be disinfected with Young Living Oils - Thieves cleaner. During this 10 minutes of cleaning, there are to be no students in the room, as they need to wait patiently in the waiting room. They can bring a book to read. Students need to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer between classes. Mats and floors will be sprayed down with disinfectant. Obvious touch points, such as door knobs, chairs, counter, light switches, bathrooms, etc, will be cleaned several times a day. Cleaners that will be used: Thieves (Young Living Oils), Lysol, Odoban, and Vinegar/Peroxide. We will be using BioProtect on the carpet, upholstered chairs, and carpet mats.

Are masks required?

Masks are not required, but welcomed for students. Teachers will wear masks when they need to be within 6 feet of a student (correcting technqiue, spotting tumbling, etc.) If parents are in the waiting room, wearing a mask is suggested.