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There is an annual $27.50 per family registration fee. The fee is reduced by 10% to $25.00 if payed before August 7. To be considered fully registered, the registration fee and the 1st month's tuition must be paid to reserve a place in class for your child. 

LDE offers the convenience of making your payments online by logging into your customer portal. The top left corner of the website features the correct login links for families. Auto debit from your bank account, debit card or credit card available on the 1st or the 20th of the month. You may choose not to have your payment "Auto debit" each month. Check or cash payments are due, at the main office in Creston, by the 7th of the month.


A Late Fee of $35.00 will be added to any overdue account. If your payment is refused by your financial institution FOR ANY REASON, LDE will send you a courtesy email to notify you. You will have 2 days to contact LDE Inc before a fee of $35.00 will be added to your account. Any account 30 days past due will be subject to a finance charge of 2.5% per month with a $5.00 minimum charge. Any account that is two months past due, student(s) will be suspended until the account is paid in full.

TO WITHDRAW from classes you must sign out at the main office - either in person, by phone or by email. You are charged for class until the end of the month. No partial month refunds unless there is illness or injury.

Accounts MUST be kept current to attend competitions. Please plan accordingly.


We focus on enjoyment through achievement. We build student self esteem through pride. We are moral and ethical in our students and the public. We encourage each student to develop strength, grace, rhythm, and confidence to increase their attention span and sharpen their memory. We use age appropriate choreography and costuming in our shows. We provide positive, safe, and age appropriate teaching in all subjects of dance and tumbling.

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